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Spanish at Wilmington Montessori School

The Spanish program at Wilmington Montessori School begins in preschool and builds a strong foundation of the Spanish language and culture through sixth grade. The program is based on the National Standards for foreign language. Some of the program goals include:

  • To provide a learning environment that models that of a Montessori classroom
  • To enable students to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the Spanish language and culture and the Spanish-speaking countries of the world
  • To develop communication skills
  • To foster a positive attitude toward language learning by helping students understand the process
  • To teach vocabulary and develop communication skills that will enable students to function in Spanish in contextual authentic and real-life situations

The Spanish curriculum emphasizes listening and comprehension in preschool, and incorporates more speaking in grades 1 through 3. Fourth through sixth-graders' learning activities balance listening, speaking, reading and writing. In each level, the program builds a foundation for learning foreign language as children learn strategies to approach a new language, a new culture and ethnic diversity.

The program also prepares students to utilize the language to communicate in real-life situations. To do this, children are surrounded by the language through the use of puppets, props, story-telling and picture cues, Spanish songs using movement, and Spanish poems and fables using rhymes.