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Wilmington Montessori School 2013­-16 Strategic Plan & Core Values

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Committed, Forward­-Thinking and Sustainable

Dear Friends,

In 2013, Wilmington Montessori School celebrated 50 years of providing the best school environment imaginable for children - you have probably been part of this joyful story. We celebrated WMS’s past and present, and we are now facing squarely into the future. As with any institution that has prospered over time, a great school can foresee challenges raised by ever-changing external environments. A great school adapts strategies, policies and practices to the ever-evolving needs of students, parents and faculty. A great school consistently employs proven means to achieve desired results. Our WMS leadership is planning for WMS to thrive in the next 50 years as a great school by any reasonable educational measure.

In pursuit of this goal, we are proud to present WMS's 2013-16 Strategic Plan. Rooted in our Core Values, our Strategic Plan was created through the input of faculty, staff and parents. Over the next three years, we will make this plan a living reality, demonstrating that WMS is recommitted, forward­-thinking and sustainable. In 2013-16, you will see that we are recommitted to being an authentic Montessori school rooted in the time-tested principles and practices developed by Dr. Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago. Since Maria Montessori’s time, our world has been transformed by science and technology. In 2013-2016, you will see that we are forward­-thinking, providing our students with a strong foundation for the future through a focus on science and technology integrated with our continuing emphasis on the arts. And in 2013-16, you will see us lay the foundation for sustainable financial stability into the foreseeable future.

We are thankful to the many dedicated and devoted people who gave tirelessly of their efforts, time and energy to help us in the development of this Strategic Plan and for the guidance of our planning consultants Independent School Management. While this plan focuses on 11 goals, the specifics will be developed with the ongoing involvement of our entire community. We are incredibly excited to invite you - supporters, faculty and staff, parents, volunteers - to join with us on this journey as we invest in the future of WMS.

In partnership,

Anna Quisel
Chair, WMS Board of Directors

Lisa Lalama
Head of School

Marie Dugan
Founding Head of School